Commercialization Services




Plain Language Commercialization Services

The Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA) helps individuals, organizations, and communities develop, scale up, and commercialize their plain language products, services, and solutions through the IHA Health Literacy Solution Center–a community-based online forum for disseminating Plain Language knowledge, skills, and tools.

Start with an online listing of your offering in the IHA Health Literacy Solution Center.

Next, turn to the market access, market messaging, and market engagement experts at the xIQ Family of Companies.

Finally, work with IHA’s market, corporate, and product development partners at Central IQ to jumpstart your revenue, operating efficiencies, earnings growth, competitiveness, and compliance programs.

What To Budget

To ensure your budget covers critical expenses and the possibility of changes in project scope and direction, please set aside a reserve of 35% over the basic project fee:

  • An extra 25% for critical expenses
  • An extra 10% for changes in project scope and direction

That is, budget 135% of the basic project fee. That way, you have all the funding you need to ask for extras along the way.

Contact us today c/o Nick Collatos at +1 800-434-4633 x 209 or [email protected].