Conference Management Services




Plain Language Conference Planning and Management Services

The Institute for Healthcare Advancement provides conference planning and management services for a broad range of stakeholders concerned about health literacy, plain language communications, and cultural competence…to promote greater equity in the healthcare, education, and social-services sectors.

Count on us to design, plan, and oversee your webinars, meetings, workshops, symposia, and conferences.

We’re systematic in our approach and creative in our thinking.

Our process includes:

  • Defining your desired outcomes
  • Confirming your operating values
  • Clarifying your long-term vision
  • Applying your critical insights
  • Productizing your knowledge, know-how, and know who
  • Identifying the skills you’ll deliver
  • Making use of advanced conference, communication, and coaching tools
  • Confirming the best, state-of-the-art training approaches
  • Creating the meeting plan, timelines, milestones, budget
  • Establishing quality assurance systems such as progress measurement, reporting, and continuous improvement

What To Budget

To ensure your budget covers critical expenses and the possibility of changes in project scope and direction, please set aside a reserve of 35% over the basic project fee:

  • An extra 25% for critical expenses
  • An extra 10% for changes in project scope and direction

That is, budget 135% of the basic project fee. That way, you have all the funding you need to ask for extras along the way.

Contact us today c/o Nick Collatos at +1 800-434-4633 x 209 or [email protected]